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Spiritual Awareness Incense Bricks Set

Scent: Frankincense, Benzoin, Myrrh and Copal

Positivity, Grounding, Calm, and Happy Thoughts

Holistic Goodness

This set includes 3 packs each x 4 scents

Total 12 incense bricks (scents may vary)

Ethically Sourced

Hand-made in India

Directions of Uses:

Place incense brick on copper plate

Place a tea light candle underneath

Enjoy the pure natural aroma

Please do not touch Lamp during use

Incense Brick

Ash-Free I Minimal Smoke I Non-Toxic I Great Aroma

Incense Bricks are heavenly, compact, aromatic incense squares handmade with a natural materials like herbs, spices, resins, woods and flowers which are accentuated with aromatic extracts and essential oils.

Spiritual Awareness Incense Brick Set


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