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Be confident and feel secure in classic black and white.

The Design:Feel safe and protected from negativity while wearing the Natural Black Agate Protection Wrap Bracelet. A shiny black agate druzy with swirls of silvery white is the center of this piece--a shield against negative energies to also help you cleanse and strengthen your own aura. Smooth beads of white labradorite provide strength and balance safety with inspiration. Zebra jasper stones in tones of pink and gray add a pop of color to this black and white classic and add elements of nurturing and earth-grounding to make for a powerfully protective and nourishing talisman.

The Details:This bracelet wraps around the wrist for a modern look and flexible fit. The main colors of black and white with silver accents will make this a piece you’ll return to again and again, both for its beauty and properties of protective shielding and grounding.

  • Natural black agate, labradorite, and zebra jasper stones
  • Vegan leather lashing
  • Silver accents of zinc alloy
  • 32 inches in length

Natural Black Agate Protection Wrap Bracelet


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