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He is the sap within the trees, the green of the leaves, he is power that sprouts and grows, that covers mother earth in bright green clothes. The green man is the life-force of nature that fertilises the earth. Each year in spring he is reborn, and with him all of nature awakens and blooms. When autumn comes around, he retreats deep into the earth womb. Here his potency regenerates until he is ready to re-emerge once more the following spring, when the cycle starts all over again.

Charcoal Burning Natural Resin Incense

- Ancient blend of Incense Siftings

1/2 oz. Packaging

each pack is packed in re-closable bag with gold label.

Burn this incense to tune into the potent life-force, the creative potential of the male aspect of nature, abundance, fertility.

Magical Collections

Earth ~ Practicality, five senses, material world, sensuality, manifestation, prosperity, grounding.

Green Man Resin (.5oz)


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