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Dandelion Leaf Cut and Sifted:
In the west, we consider dandelions to be weeds, but in many societies, this beautiful flower is considered an important medicinal herb. It also tastes great! Dandelion plant is edible and is a classic liver tonic. It's traditionally used for joint pain, eczema and as a blood toner and mild diuretic. Dandelion root is used to treat abscess, acne, alcoholism, allergies, arthritis, chicken pox, cirrhosis, constipation, depression, morning sickness, and venereal warts.

Cautions and Side Effects of Dandelion:
Do not use when taking lithium or other bi-polar medications.
Can interfere with absorption of antibiotics. Because it is a powerful diuretic it can also cause antibiotics to be released from the body too soon, hence, voiding their effectiveness.
Use caution if you have a problem with your endocrine system as it increases urination.
Safe during pregnancy, while nursing, and for children.

Dandelion Leaf

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