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Alfalfa is a very nutritious superfood rich in vitamins and minerals. It boasts 8 essential amino acids and the highest content of chlorophyll of any plant. Alfalfa is often used as a base in many herbal combinations because it permits rapid assimilation of plant elements.
Benefits from Alfalfa:A diuretic and a great natural laxative.Neutralizes acids in the intestinal tract.Aids in food digestion due to the high enzyme content.Contains high levels of vitamin K2, which can help prevent bone loss due to lack of estrogen.Strong alkalinizing agent for the body.Helps to purify the liver and blood of chemicals and heavy metals.Used as a cure for all inflammations, including arthritis and rheumatism.Helps to stabilize blood sugar when taken with manganese.Helps to improve pituitary gland function.High levels of vitamin K in alfalfa have been known to help with bleeding gums, and nose bleeds as vitamin K is knows as the “clotting” vitamin.Helps to stimulate the immune system.Helps to reduce water retention.Has natural fluoride which helps to prevent tooth decay and to help rebuild decayed teeth.Has also been used to treat allergies, anemia, bursitis, gout, and hypertension.
Cautions and Side Effects of Alfalfa:
Although Alfalfa is usually very safe when used by healthy individuals, it has been associated with some intestinal problems such as diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and mild gastric upset.
Alfalfa or any other herbal supplement should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women unless instructed otherwise by their trusted health professional.
Should not be used by women with hormone sensitive cancers as Alfalfa can alter the amount of estrogen in the body.
Should be avoided while taking blood thinning agents as it has blood clotting properties.

Alfalfa Leaf

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